An Evening on the St. Croix

Fajitas & margaritas, a river cruise, summer wind & a good friend. Does a Wednesday night get any better?!

I had the pleasure of joining my friend Bri on a dinner cruise in Hudson, Wisconsin this week. It was SO much fun to get dressed up, hop on a boat and travel down the St. Croix!

Of course, being Millennials, we had to document the experience with a series of selfies & sunset pics.

And we also got to captain the boat for a few minutes (okay, seconds) which was a fun photo op!

The boat traveled down the St. Croix from Hudson to Afton, and on the way back the sunset view was spectacular. I’m always amazed at how no two sunsets are the same, and their beauty is so unique to anything else in nature.

I have a feeling next Wednesday will be jealous of this Wednesday…

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