Quote of the Day & Throwing Things Away

It’s all the justification I need! (I say as I weep into my bank account.)

This quote is also relevant as I move out of my apartment this week. I’m getting rid of so much crap I’ve never used, never needed, never worn, never looked at, have no use for, have three of, etc. Its making me realize how much I could have lived without and how much I don’t actually need. It’s a mental track of: “Had I not spent money on these random things, how much more would I have been able to save for this trip? Was that ‘I’ll-totally-wear-that’ sweater from junior year and set of decorative ‘I’m-a-grown-up-now’ bowls really worth it?” Answer: no.

My News Year’s Resolution for the past two years has been: “Spend money on experiences not objects” (a subject for another post), and besides the excitement of having my very own apartment to furnish & decorate, I’ve done okay for myself in sticking to it. But what I realized is that it never really did anything to deplete my belongings, it only restrained me from buying more.

So now here I am, three tubs deep on Goodwill donations and planning on doing another one or two more before the end of the week. Trying to stay in the zone of: “Throw it away, throw it away, throw it away!” because 1) it will take up more precious space in my storage unit, and 2) it’ll only be more crap to move when I get another place.

Wish me luck– I’ll need it! (But no matter what anyone says, I’m keeping my cat-shaped mug.)

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