2 Months Of Clothes: 1 Backpack

Packing for this trip was no walk in the park. How do you fit two months of clothes into one backpack?? And with temperatures ranging from 50-80 degrees in the countries we’re going to, it was like trying to figure out some strange packing brain teaser.

Here’s a few pictures of what I fit into the backpack! You’ll recognize it from this post. Get used to seeing the same 7-8 outfits in my pictures from here on out. 🙂

In the end, I got it all to fit with lots of rolling, shoe-stuffing, and smashing/squishing. The only things outside my backpack will be the clothes & jacket I wear on the plane and the contents of my purse!

Any souvenirs will have to be small, shipped home, or not purchased in general. I’ve always preferred collecting pictures, anyway. 🙂

Also! After tonight, my phone will be in airplane mode so I won’t receive any texts or calls (unless you have an iPhone/iMessage capabilities.) If you want to contact me while I’m gone, you can:

  • comment on the blog
  • email kathrynhagan1@gmail.com
  • send me a message on Facebook
  • follow along with my Instagram &/or Twitter

Europe, here we come!!

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