London Calling

One week in London doesn’t feel like enough! We’ve spent most of our days here walking, walking, walking & walking (my iPhone says we’re averaging 8+ miles per day!). My feet have the blisters to prove it, but it’s worth every step.

From London Bridge to the Houses of Parliament, from galleries and cafes to our hostel, we’ve covered some serious ground here- including a day trip to Cambridge!

Big Ben
View of the River Thames
Covent Garden
Laughing through the pain of my dying feet
2000 vs. 2015!
Cambridge is amazing.
Christ College in Cambridge
Walked through the Cambridge Botanical Gardens.

My favorite part of London: HARRY POTTER WB STUDIO TOUR! It was worth every penny. It’s a little bit outside of London, but it was incredible to be at the real studio where they filmed for 10 years and to see all the detail that goes into making the movies. From props to sets to special effects and makeup, I fell in love with the series even more with each turn. And walking through the real sets was way too cool! 

Walking through the REAL Great Hall set!

Hermione’s dress from the Yule Ball
Gryffindor common room
Dumbledore’s Office
And you all thought I was in England to travel… Hogwarts here I come!
Hogwarts. Mind-blowing.

Funniest moment of London: Taking the wrong train out of Cambridge and ending up in the middle of nowhere, being the only people at the train stop. A quality photo shoot ensued while we waited for another train. We returned to London 2 hours later than originally planned…


Also, would you believe that our 22-person hostel room is 30x quieter than our 6-bed room in Reykjavik?! Definitely not what we expected.

In case you were wondering what a 22-person hostel room looks like.

I wish we could spend even more time here- there’s still so much to do & see! But alas, we’ve got other places to go. 😊✈️

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