Mental Note: Come Back To Lisbon

I can definitely see Lisbon being at the top of my “Favorite Cities” list at the end of this trip. It’s one of those places that you don’t hear a whole lot about, but there’s so many amazing sites to see. (It’s also relatively easy to get the hang of from a map, so that helps when your phone is nearly useless when abroad!)

So many colorful buildings!
The view from our hostel balcony at night
Rossio Square
Our hostel (Good Morning Lisbon) was FANTASTIC as far as hostels go. Great location, super helpful staff & plenty of activities to do to meet other people and check out the city. And there was free Nutella & waffles for breakfast!! Need I say more?

We were also told to try a traditional Portuguese custard tart on day 1, and we were not disappointed. So delicious. (A custard tart a day keeps the doctor away, right??)


We did a walking tour through our hostel, checked out some other sites ourselves, and enjoyed the sunshine, ocean & views as much as we could.

After 3 days there, I’ve decided I need to make a trip back some day. We still had so much we wanted to do, but had to catch a 10-hr night train to Madrid!

Until next time, Portugal. ✌🏻

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