Country Catch-Up! Spain (Barcelona) 

Sorry for the delay in posting! A lot of the hostels we’re staying at don’t have strong enough wifi to upload pictures/nor do we have the time to sit & relax when there’s so much to see!

Here are some photos from our time in Barcelona. Overall I liked the city, but it was sooo full of tourists that it takes some of the special-ness out of it. We learned the city is also like high school for pickpocketers, but luckily neither one of us got robbed – yay! [I’m really serious about that ‘yay!’ Every person we talked to about Barcelona said they were robbed in one way or another.]


Park Guell



Visiting Park Guell was like being in a real utopia. It was all born from the mind of Antoni Gaudi and messes with your brain in its unique beauty. Lots of tile mosaic, bright colors, and twisted shapes! 

We also went on a Gaudi walking tour later that day and saw a few more of his architectural creations.  And in case you ever wondered why there are always cranes in pictures of the Sagrada Familia (pictured below), it’s because it’s STILL under construction! It started around 1930 and is hoped to be completed in 2026. But don’t hold your breath on that one; it’s funded purely on ticket sales from touring the church itself.

Casa Milà by Antoni Gaudi
Casa Batllo

Sagrada Familia
On our last night in Barcelona we caught some fireworks by the seaside for the start of a week-long & city-wide festival, La Mercè. We walked around the city some more after the fireworks and came across concert after concert, a projection art DJ set (seriously cool), and a whole lot of people.



Concert in front of the Cathedral

The next morning we rented bikes and headed to the beach. It was a really rough day 😉


We absolutely loved the sunshine in Barcelona (and free walking tours) and then made our way to France, so I’ll have another post soon!

Can’t believe it’s already the end of September… Where does time go?!

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