Nice is nice! Our Time In France 

I canNOT get enough of that phrase, especially because it’s true! 

We spent a full day in Avignon, France before heading to Nice, ready to enjoy some more time in the sun along the Mediterranean. It was refreshing but a little bit odd to be in such a small town after all of our large city hopping.

We also tried out Airbnb for the first time which was a cool experience! A Norweigan woman staying in the same home gave us her contact info and offered us free lodging if we ever make it to Norway someday. Yay travel perks!

View from a terrace of Palais Des Papes (Palace of the Popes) in Avignon
Still pretty okay with the whole “living out of a backpack” thing!

We stopped at a market before hopping on the train to Nice and grabbed some wine, bread & cheese to enjoy on our journey. (When in France, right?)

Our days in Nice were absolutely beautiful. The water looked nearly electric blue, the houses and buildings were bright with color, and the light breeze was perfect on the pebble beaches. [Side note: large-stone pebble beaches make it REALLY hard to climb in and out of the water.] 

Gelato: It’s what’s for dinner.

After Nice we headed to Italy, which turned out to be a terrible, horrible, no-good journey involving border issues, language barriers, getting locked out of a train station, and ended in Anna & I taking a taxi by ourselves across the France/Italy border at 1:30 AM. From there we had to wait until 4 AM in a relatively disgusting train station (think: homeless people, smelled like pee, etc.) to catch our next train…

But fear not! After the longest night of our lives, we finally got to Florence, grabbed some pizza, checked into our hotel (best splurge EVER), and instantly fell asleep.

Stay tuned for an Italy post! ☀️

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