Has It Really Been A Year Already?

Yes, it has. It’s been one whole year (plus a few days- 10 to be exact) since we got back from our Eurotrip. One. Freaking. Year!! And, I’ll admit, even longer since I’ve posted on my blog… But I want to get back into the writing/blogging game again so here goes nothing. I figure the best way to start is to pick up where we left off by collapsing one year into a few bite-sized nuggets.

If you’re not interested in reading my ramblings, thoughts, adventures, yadda yadda from here on out, you may unsubscribe at this time! 🙂 But if you ARE interested, well aren’t you just fantastic! And might I say, you look quite dapper today.

Any who…

Summarizing the last year: I got back to Minnesota, was unemployed, and living with my parents for about 3 months (no rent, free food, and an open agenda? Life was grand! Thanks, parents). I took a few trips (Denver, Toronto, Jacksonville, Sarnia), and took my time finding a job that I really wanted. And that landed me in Denver! We’ll circle back between then and now, but that’s the gist of 376 days.

Looking back at the last year makes my brain and heart nearly burst with how much has happened. It’s a good thing I finally learned how to embrace change instead of fear it. (Now let’s be clear, I said “embrace,” not “love.”) But after everything that’s gone well, or could have, should have, might have gone wrong, most things feel right, and I’m thankful for that.

That’s all I’ve got to say for now, but don’t fear, I’ll be back. 🙂


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