About Me

Hi! I’m Kathryn. I’m 24, a traveler, a word-lover and a weirdo extraordinaire. I was born in Sarnia, Ontario and currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota Denver, Colorado while my mind wanders to other corners of the earth.

I have an extreme case of travel disease and try to see the inside of an airport at least every other month, so here’s my try at documenting life, thoughts and other ramblings as they surface!



These are a few of my favorite things:
•  Anything with sparkles
•  Volleyball
•  Working out
•  Hiking
•  Baseball games
•  Coffee
•  Wine
•  More wine
•  My amazing friendsimg_7709
•  Friendly pets
•  Pizza Luce
•  Sunsets
•  Beach sand (the soft kind)
•  Clean sheets & clean pajamas
•  Snow, snow, snow
•  Peanut butter (creamy all day, baby!)
•  Well-written & thought-provoking quotes
•  Keychains from places I’ve been
•  Funny memes
•  Elephants


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