Bucket List//YOLO

I’m a firm believer in having a Bucket List. Sometimes the best, or even only, reason to do something is “because it’s on my Bucket List,” and that’s enough for me! (YOLO also works for a few of those moments… Yes, I still use YOLO.) I noticed when I add things to my list, a lot of them have to do with specific places, meaning I assume I’ll make it there to complete the task. That’s all the more reason to travel in my opinion 🙂 Some photos of my completed items are below! (Sorry, mom)


•  NYC on New Year’s Eve
•  Hold a koala in Australia
•  Surfing lessons
•  Zip lining (Fremont Street in Vegas! Hoping for a jungle zipline at some point)
•  Ride a mechanical bull (South Padre Island & Cowboy Jack’s)
•  St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago
•  Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly
•  Experience a college spring break (South Padre & Panama City Beach)
•  Go to an airport without a destination and take off
•  Win something on the radio (Thanks, Cities97!)
•  Be on the radio
•  Ride an elephant in Thailand (I’m coming for you, Cierra!)
•  Gondola ride in Venice, Italy
•  Karaoke (Shoutout to Wings Bar & Grill in Owatonna)
•  Hot air balloon ride
•  Run a 10k
•  Run a half marathon
•  Try the trapeze (Club Med, Ixtapa)
•  Put a lock on the love lock bridges in Paris
•  Complete a Mud Run/Tough Mudder
•  Do a keg stand
•  Do Edward 40 Hands
•  Fly somewhere in Business Class
•  Bathe in a hot spring
•  Visit Horse Shoe Bend
•  Go to the original Starbucks in Seattle
•  Ride in a helicopter
•  Visit all 50 states [22 down, 28 to go!]
•  Moraine Lake in Alberta
•  Tour Guinness in Ireland
•  Get a picture with a guard at Buckingham Palace
•  Go to the Olympics (summer or winter)

There will be plenty more to come!

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